Web Hosting Secrets Revealed - Make Cheap $6 Hosting FASTER Than Expensive $60 Hosting

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Описание видео: You will learn how to turn cheap $6 hosting into lightning-fast $60 hosting with little effort on your part. In this web hosting tutorial, I will reveal the dirty secrets of the web hosting comparison business and expose them for the garbage that they are. ★ ----- Important Links ----- ★ * NameHero -- wpcrafter.com/namehero (SAVE 52%) * A2Hosting -- wpcrafter.com/a2hosting (SAVE 50%) * BunnyCDN -- wpcrafter.com/bunnycdn * Kinsta -- wpcrafter.com/kinsta * WPEngine -- wpcrafter.com/wpengine * WPXHosting -- wpcrafter.com/wpx ---------------------------------------------- Table Of Contents 00:00:00 Why You Need This Video 00:01:12 The Problems With Comparisons 00:02:01 What Makes Expensive Hosting Better 00:02:46 Auto Caching Explained 00:03:57 Caching Plugins Alone Are Not Enough 00:04:44 You\'re Using The Wrong Hosting 00:05:28 Why These Hosts Are Different 00:07:03 How To Turn It On 00:11:05 You\'re Loading Your Website Wrong 00:15:19 Cloudflare Is Not The Answer 00:16:27 Proper Website Loading Setup 00:22:10 The Truth Revealed 00:22:50 Why You Really Pay 10X More 00:24:30 The Truth About Me 00:25:09 Why Paying 10X More Is Smart... Stop getting ripped off.

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