Tesla Securing a Huge Megapack Project Means End of Gas Peaker Plants

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Описание видео: Response time may matter, but I think the big thing is the lack of pollution and in California\'s case that huge gas blow-out they had recently has given gas-powered peaker plants a very negative image. I wonder when or if flow batteries are going to start encroaching on this business. The idea is that giant battery systems would charge from the grid when demand is low and discharge at peak demand to help reduce the peak of power production.  Scroll down to battery trends to see live data. Lots of other really good data on their too if you are interested in energy data. Also, Replacingpeaker plants are awesome. People say this is the best news so far for Tesla in 2020. To give some perspective on how big Tesla’s new megawatt project is, you can see the current deployment of battery storage across (most) of California on California’sISO website. According to cleangroup.org, the peaker plants run less than 5%of the time on average (400 hours per year), some even less than 100 hours per year. I think major utilities and countries are going to be dragged into renewables kicking and screaming. They are costly and polluting. Tesla aims to help replace them and avoid building new ones with battery packs used as stationary energy storage. This has far-reaching consequences for peaker gas plants and for Tesla as this new business may one day bring Tesla more revenue than its car business. Please visit us at TorqueNews.com and follow us on Twitter at twitter.com/torquenewsauto for daily EV, Tesla and automotive news analysis. In the meantime, full steam ahead. As a result Strata Solar selected Tesla. This also tells us that it looks like peaker plants are doomed in the future for most locations. The Tesla battery works similar to a giant capacitor but for the grid, no one would design a circuit with a second power supply to handle surges (what we do with peaker plants) you just place a Capthat\'ll keep the voltage stable and be done with it.  Apparently, there are 1,264 gas peaker plants here in the UnitedStates, and people see Tesla’s massive megapack project as a way to end them. Reference Electrek electrek.co/2020/06/17/tesla-massive-megapack-projec-replaces-gas-peaker-plant/ Strata Solar stratasolar.com/strata-solar-ventura-energy-storage California ISO caiso.com/Pages/default.aspx... Once the benefits occur they will pat themselves on the back for a job well done. With all said, Elon (and with Elon I mean his companies) pushed the electromobility a lot further, he made space flights a lot cheaper with-useable boosters, he is working on a way to reduce traffic in big cities, and on an on. For those that are familiar with electronics. And I suppose a reasonable argument could be made that without the automotive sector pushing down the price and increasing the volume of batteries, stationary storage wouldn\'t be near as price competitive as it is today. According to Strata Solar Tesla secures a massive new Megapack project that replaces the gas peaker plant in Ventura County, California. #TeslaMegapack #Megapack #Tesla #SolarStrata #VenturaCounty This is Armen Hareyan from Torque News. Today we measure battery usage on a scale of 100 MW which is the size of this single project. I don\'t know what I expected, but that stat surprises me. Opportunities like this is why Tesla is so valuable much as a company, they don’t just make cars. Elon has even stated that its energy business will exceed their car business. Not to mention even the Battery revolution, which Torque News reported in today’s earlier video report. If you look back, not many people were going take EV seriously, not many people were going to do rockets, and not many people were going to do a solar panel roof that looked like a normal roof. Peaker plants are power plants that electric utilities only turn on to briefly provide power during peak demand. Ventura County, California was going to allow the construction of a new gas-fired power plant by NRG Energy to supply peak power to Southern California Edison, but the electric utility pivoted to energy storage instead and plans to deploy several battery systems.

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