Tesla Giga Texas vs Giga Berlin Size: Leveling To Start Soon After Rains

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Описание видео: GeoPier foundation reinforcement continues on the south of the “east” foundation despite the slowdown and the muddy construction site. They are beginning to remove the last of the trees and shrubs and should soon begin fill and leveling operations. They began repairing this and continued to bring in fill dirt. The heavy rain caused some erosion around the site, especially in the south near the remains of the ponds, but much of this is due to the unfinished earthmoving work and loose-fill dirt. Joe Tegtmeyer repoerts from Austin and Giga Texas. The large central depression became a big mud pond, but they have pumped out most of the water and earthmovers were back at work today. In other areas, land clearing and pond draining on the east side construction site has resumed despite the rains in the past 48 or so hours. Recent rains in Austin had slowed down the work at Tesla Giga Texas. Reference Joe Tegtmeyer youtu.be/v9j87jREsA4... There also appears to be roadways beginning to form around the perimeter of the two buildings, suggesting more strongly what this part of the site will look like when vertical construction begins. The northwest pond of Giga Texas (the last remaining one in the north construction site on the west) has slowed and shows a little erosion due to the heavy rain, but some work has resumed. In this video we also take a look at a phase I size comparison between Giga Berlin and Giga Texas as well as consider building sizes based on approximate dimensions. However, they are back at work in force today although there is more rain in the forecast. You can go to TorqueNews.com/tesla for our daily Tesla news coverage. Please, visit us at TorqueNews.com for daily car sector news and follow us on Twitter at twitter.com/torquenewsauto for daily automotive sector tweets. Giga Texas construction update 8 September 2020 … the Labor Day holiday is now over and recent rains and heavy clouds have slowed (but not stopped) progress at Giga Texas. Do you think that Giga Texas is going at the same speed as Giga Berlin? Where do you think Tesla is going faster in buildings its gigafactories? #Tesla #GigaTexas #GigaBerlin This is Armen Hareyan from Torque News. The foundation work at Giga Texas shows two distinct and different size buildings with angled corners and a large central roadway with access to what appears will be loading docks to serve both buildings. Here is the size comparison between Giga Texas and Giga Berlin and also see when the leveling work will start. And if you would like to support our channel, I would really appreciate buying us animated applause once a month by clicking on the applaud button, which is next to the Like button, if you are watching this video on a desktop.

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