Refactoring Legacy Code to be Testable

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Описание видео: In his book “ Working Effectively with Legacy Code” Michael Feathers defines a legacy system as “a system without automated tests”. Dave discovers real, pre-existing bugs in the code by virtue of the software tests that he introduces. TDD is great, but where do you start if you already have legacy code that wasn\'t built with software testing in mind? How do you change legacy-code to make it testable? In the 3rd episode, in a three part mini-series, Dave Farley\'s tutorial demonstrates how to refactor some nasty, legacy code to the point where it is testable. ➡️ Dave Farley\'s Blog ➡️ Dave Farley on Twitter ➡️ Dave Farley on LinkedIn ➡️ ------------------------------------------------------------------------- RELEVANT READING: Continuous Delivery, by me and Jez Humble ➡️ Test Driven Development: By Example (The Addison-Wesley Signature Series), Kent Beck ➡️ Working Effectively with Legacy Code, Michael Feathers ➡️ Subscribe to the Continuous Delivery Channel so that you don’t miss future episodes. So how can we take advantage of the benefits of TDD when our code is the wrong shape, when it was developed without automated tests? In this episode Dave demonstrates the value of the work done earlier. Check out the course and get 2 FREE preview lessons to see if its right for you, here ➡️ If you want to hear about new Continuous Delivery and DevOps courses, being released very 2-3 months, regularly check our CD.Training site ➡️ Or sign up to our Mail List so we can keep you informed ➡️ MORE ABOUT THIS VIDEO: When Kent Beck wrote about TDD he introduced a profoundly valuable engineering practice to software development. Now we get to see the concrete value of the work of setting up the Approval Test, Removing Clutter, Reducing Cyclomatic Complexity and Composing Methods. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- You can get Dave Farley\'s FREE "How To..." guide on Acceptance Testing here ➡️ ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Continuous Delivery Ltd. In this final episode in his refactoring mini-series, Dave takes this nasty code the final step to testability and discovers some unexpected things. Dave\'s latest on-line training course on Continuous Delivery "How to Write Better Software Faster" is ON SALE NOW, until 18 September 2020.

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