rebar3 format: A new code formatter for Erlang - Brujo Benavides | Code BEAM V 2020

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Описание видео: More on Brujo Benavides: --- CODE SYNC & CODE BEAM V 2020 Code BEAM V is powered by Code Sync. Slides & full abstract: --- THE SPEAKER - BRUJO BENAVIDES This guy SpawnFest\'s! This video was recorded at Code BEAM V 2020 - Get involved in the next Code Sync conference - --- REBAR3 FORMAT: A NEW CODE FORMATTER FOR ERLANG by Brujo Benavides ABSTRACT In recent years, many language ecosystems have developed automatic code formatters to reduce the mental overhead of code readers and therefore to share code more easily. Find more about him at Currently working for NextRoll, from Spain. He\'s a member of the Education WorkGroup at the EEF. He organized SpawnFest and ElixirConfLA and he maintains a long list of open-source repositories with the help of his friends at the Inaka Community. The Erlang community was lacking a tool like this, so we created a rebar3 plugin just to automatically format code. Brujo is a long-time Erlang developer, blogger, and trainer. Code BEAM V 2020 was sponsored by Klarna, Duffel, PepsiCo, Erlang Solutions, Mux, AppSignal, Clever Bunny, Pragmatic Bookshelf, O\'Reilly, Manning Publications, Learning Stone, Groxio, Erlang Ecosystem Foundation. CODE SYNC Website: Twitter: Facebook: LinkedIn: Mail: info at Proud father, ping-pong aficionado and a long-distance walker.

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