Moog Subharmonicon Full In-depth Tutorial with Mylar Melodies!

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Описание видео: ➡️ » Moog DFAM Analogue Percussion Synthesizer | » Moog Mother 32 Nodular Synthesizer | ↪️ Episode Guide ↩️ » Alex & Jack\'s first impressions to the Moog Subharmonicon (0:00) » How does it work? (2:34) » Let\'s start creating some sounds (7:22) » Applying Attack & Decay to create Atmospheric Sounds (12:00) » How to Connect multiple Units? (17:35) » Programming Drums (21:15) » Resetting The Sequencer (32:51) » Getting the Subharmonicon & Mother To Play In-tune with each other (38:12) » Final Thoughts (46:03) Welcome back to another episode of Andertons TV! Inspired by the iconic analogue instruments of the \'30s & \'40s, the Subharmonicon combines the worlds of mathematics & vintage instruments to create a truly inspirational experience!... The Moog Subharmonicon is a 6-tone, multi-layered sequencer that allows you full sonic exploration with the twist of a dial. Learn how to connect the Moog Mother-32 & DFAM to the Subharmonicon Synthesizer in our full in-depth tutorial with Mylar Melodies! Today Jack meets up with a virtual Alex from Moog to take an in-depth look into the new Moog Subharmonicon. This Semi-modular Polyrhythmic synthesizer carries a 6-tone sound engine, paired with a multi-layered sequencer that allows full sonic exploration.

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