Easy Way To Approve Blogger For Google AdSense in 2020 |adsense approval tips for blogger

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Описание видео: Follow these 4 steps: 1: You do not need any 500 words article for getting google AdSense you just have to focus on the original and creative content for your blogger and website if you write 200 words unique article so it would be perfect. 4" apply for google adsense approval. This is my blogger site. That is how you can apply for google adsense. 2: You have to do 20 or 25 post in blogger . LIKE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE :facebook.com/Tech-buffer-104599284378829/?ref=bookmarks FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM : instagram.com/tech_buffer_/?hl=en SUBSCRIBE OUR CHANNEL : youtube.com/channel/UCbv85ueCErGIzLCMP7sR4fw FOLLOW US ON TWITTER : twitter.com/tech_buffer_... So what i did is that just write 5 unique articles and if you are you-tuber so share your 15 to 20 YouTube videos on blogger as a post watch the video you will know how you can do that. If you want to more information about website then comment down below. I will make playlist on it. You can check it techblx.com Getting a google AdSense approval is very hard now a days but today i will show you the easy way to get google AdSense approval for blogger and website. If you are new blogger or website designer or developer so this video will help you alot just follow the new interface to get google AdSense approval in 2020 . Do not worry if you don\'t want to write that much, i have alternative method that i did to get google adsense approval. 3: index you blogger to google search console if you don\'t know so you can search on YouTube "how to index website on google search console" if you want me to make a video on it so comment down below.

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