DM thinking about hosting an intervention; Drawing the line in the sand with the Karmics

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Описание видео: My aim to deliver the message direct from Spirit without the interference of ego and prior knowledge. Dont forget to check out @Boss Tarot and give him some love. Don\'t forget to check out my sister channel The Pick A Card Empress for pick a card readings. Refunds will only be issued if I don’t deliver your reading. For energy exchanges or donations to keep these free readings flowing you can make these contributions by using one of the following payment options: Cash app- $maid4luv Venmo- @Maid4luv Google Pay- Samsung Pay- Amazon Wish List Link: Thank you in advance for your support. Photo credit- Artist sells prints as well so you can check him out for purchases. Please do not give any details. Click on the link If youre interested in a personal reading or any of my oracle decks, please check out my website for a complete listing and description of readings offered please check out my website I do not own the rights to any of the music I play on my channel #twinflames #soulmates #soulconnections #DM #DF #tarotreading #karmic... Popular services include mediumistic work such as Twinflame Checks and Spirit Release Therapy All my readings are pre recorded and delivered by an identified date. My readings are not legal advice and are for entertainment purposes ONLY. Follow your inner guidance always.

Официальный источник видео именно от туда подгружается разрешенный автором к встраиванию контент и картинки. Авторские права полностью соблюдены!

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