Computer History 1967 Naval Photo Intelligence Systems; Security; AN/UYK-1 NTDS, UNIVAC

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Описание видео: Great footage of the SCV (“Stereometric Comparison Viewer”), Digital Plotter, and Teletypewriter used in Navy’s Photo Intelligence systems. Original film courtesy of the U.S. Computer History (1967): An excellent U.S. Nice vintage 1960’s computing equipment. Another version, designated the G-40, replaced the vacuum tube UNIVAC 1104 in the BOMARC Missile Program. Navy Training Film, in full color, explains the Photo Interpretation System, which used the Navy’s AN/UYK-1 and AN/USQ-20 Computers, and peripheral devices. National Archives. Additional Information: More about the AN/UYK-1 Computer built by Ramo Wooldridge Corporation: UNIVAC – NTDS: Naval Tactical Data System (from Wikipedia) The AN/USQ-20, or Naval Tactical Data System (NTDS), was designed as a more reliable replacement for the Seymour Cray-designed AN/USQ-17 with the same instruction set. We hope you enjoy this great piece of history. The first batch of 17 computers were delivered to the Navy starting in early 1961. Jeremy Norman’s “History of” site: Northrop Grumman “Heritage” site on We provided some minor restoration edits, and explanatory labels to increase viewing enjoyment. Restoration edits by Computer History Archives Project. A version of the AN/USQ-20 for use by the other military services and NASA was designated the UNIVAC 1206. The Photo Interpretation (“PI”) system was part of the Computerized Integrated Operational Intelligence System (“IOIS”). The Univac AN/USQ-20 computer was part of the Naval Tactical Data System (NTDS) network.

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