Big Mistake? Why Not Destroy Radar during Battle of Britain?!

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Описание видео: Kirby and R. 03:11 - Chapter 1 Germans and Radar 08:36 - Chapter 2 Germans and Chain Home 14:37 - Chapter 3 Effect and Compromise 24:35 - Chapter 4 RAF Beachy Head 27:33 - Outro #BattleofBritain #Radar #MilitaryAviationHistory... Capey, The Air Defense of Great Britain, 1920-1940, June 1997 Patrick Bishop, Battle of Britain: A day-to-day chronicle Richard Overy, The Battle of Britain Myth and Reality, 2004 Richard M. Trim, A brief history of the development of radar in Great Britain up to 1945, Measurement & Control, Volume 35, December 2002 Stephen Bungay, A Most Dangerous Enemy, 2000 TME 11-219, Directory of German Radar Equipment, April 1945 -Audio Music and Sfx from Epidemic Sound - Timecodes 00:00 - Intro 00:49 - Quick Summary of British Radar 1940 02:03 - Why did the Germans not... Cumming, did Radar Win the Battle of Britain, The Historian, Winter 2007 Basil Collier, The Defense of the United Kingdom, Chapter IX-XV Horst Boog, Die deutsche Luftwaffenführung 1935 -1945 Ian Philpott, The Royal Air force Volume II, 2008 M. - RAFBF Podcast Give it a listen: - Support Patreon: Channel Memberships: PayPal: - Sources Anthony J. While reading up on this, I also noticed that very little has been written specifically on Chain Home during the Battle of Britain except for summaries and overall descriptions of the Dowding System. In this video I talk about Radar during the Battle of Britain and whether the Luftwaffe should have taken it out. It would be interesting to see an in-depth study in the future, as this topic might hold a lot of potential.

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