Automating the CLI: Using Scrapli & Cisco Genie to Collect Interface Utilization

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Описание видео: Scrapli is a python module that makes CLI screen scraping for network devices easy! I am currently working on studying for the following Cisco DevNet exam: Developing Applications using Cisco Core Platforms and APIs (DEVCOR 350-901). In this video, We\'ll walk through a quick overview & demo - then show how scrapli can be used in an example script. Example code on GitHub: Additional details in the blog: Scrapli: Cisco PyATS & Genie: Follow me @ Chapters: 0:00 - Intro 1:35 - Scrapli Install & Setup 3:30 - Scraping the CLI 5:13 - Using Cisco Genie to Parse CLI Output 8:06 - Use Case Example (Collecting Port Info) Standard Disclaimer: Any comments / opinions here are my own, and do not represent my current or former employers.... This video is a quick demo / example use case for Scrapli. In furture videos - I\'ll be taking the example script here and creating a containerized web app to review for the exam.

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