Approaching the Scene 111: Should You Buy a Nikon Z5?

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Описание видео: I hope to see you in the next Tuesday Office Hours Session. My take is no. Ben is the author of the upcoming book, “The Practicing Photographer,” and is one of LinkedIn Learning’s top trainers. Keep them coming either in the comments below or by emailing me directly. Ben Long will be joining us to talk about the importance of practice as a way to improve your photographic skills. In this video I\'ll share why, and talk about what is coming soon in the Nikon mirrorless wold that does excite me. 15 with Ben Long LINKS: Leofoto LM-324CL big light legs: Nikon Z50: Nikon Z6: Nikon 70-200 2.8 S: FTZ adapter: Frequently updated links to all the gear I use: Using my links helps support this video series. 14:03 Upcoming photo adventures 15:14 Free Office Hours invitation Sept. LINKED TABLE OF CONTENTS: 00:00 Intro to ATS 111 00:24 Linked table of contents 01:18 Why I\'m not excited about the Z5 04:04 I prefer crop bodies to back up my full frame body 05:07 Why I do love the Z50 05:40 Quick video specs chat 07:38 Durability and weather sealing 08:48 Cost to value discussion 10:33 Upcoming gear that does excite me 12:35 Luma Labs QD Loop strap availability 13:27 Lefoto 324CL tall light legs back in stock! Thank you! I invite you to join Rick LePage and me for our next free live Office Hours Tuesday September 15th at 10AM Pacific. (Links Below) I won\'t keep you waiting. I think the Z6 and/or the Z50 are better buys. Stay safe and healthy.... Office Hour signup site: My Advanced Panorama Course: Thanks to everyone for the great questions you are sending in.

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