Amazon Web Scraping With Python

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Описание видео: I will provide instructions with Microsoft Edge in mind, however, I will highlight the few differences that exists for Firefox or Chrome browsers so that you can follow along with any of those web drivers. This program will extract all relevant search results and save them to a CSV file on your local drive. This is one of many web scraping projects in python. In this video, we\'re going to build an Amazon web scraping application with Python. Additionally, you will need to have installed the related Python libraries as well as the web driver of your choice. Some basic working knowledge of Selenium and BeautifulSoup is assumed by the lesson content. --------------------------------- PYTHON LIBRARIES --------------------------------- BEAUTIFUL SOUP: // pip install bs4 SELENIUM: // pip install selenium ( for Firefox or Chrome) // pip install msedge-selenium-tools selenium==3.141 ---------------------- WEB DRIVER ---------------------- EDGE CHROME FIREFOX This project is designed to give a beginner or intermediate programmer some experience with web scraping in a practical application - get product and price information from Amazon.

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