Adopting Erlang, Adapting Rebar - Fred Hebert, Tristan Sloughter | Code BEAM V 2020

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Описание видео: Slides & full abstract: --- THE SPEAKER - FRED HEBERT Erlang, Tools, and Systems (Postmates) Fred is the author of Learn You Some Erlang, Erlang in Anger, and more recently, Property-Based Testing with PropEr, Erlang, and Elixir. He is a maintainer of Rebar3, and of various libraries such as recon, pobox, and so on. Code BEAM V 2020 was sponsored by Klarna, Duffel, PepsiCo, Erlang Solutions, Mux, AppSignal, Clever Bunny, Pragmatic Bookshelf, O\'Reilly, Manning Publications, Learning Stone, Groxio, Erlang Ecosystem Foundation. CODE SYNC Website: Twitter: Facebook: LinkedIn: Mail: info at Through maintaining Rebar3, Relx, documentation, and as participants of EEF working groups, we were part of a long feedback loop in the ecosystem. We\'ll go over the new changes this has led us to make to improve our tooling with very limited backwards compatibility breakage, and how they should improve your life. In writing this, we found multiple issues that had accrued with time and shifting best practices in the community. These issues became encoded into our toolset. He co-founded and is a board member at the Erlang Ecosystem Foundation. While at Heroku, Tristan, along with Fred, started the build tool Rebar3 after seeing the struggles involved in onboarding new developers to Erlang projects. He is also a maintainer of the release tool Relx and creator of the website How I Start( which collects articles for various languages from experienced developers on how they setup a new project and take it to completion. More on Tristan Sloughter: --- CODE SYNC & CODE BEAM V 2020 Code BEAM V is powered by Code Sync. Previously, he was Systems Architect at Genetec, a company offering security video and IoT integration systems. This video was recorded at Code BEAM V 2020 - Get involved in the next Code Sync conference - --- ADOPTING ERLANG, ADAPTING REBAR by Fred Hebert, Tristan Sloughter ABSTRACT In this presentation we\'ll cover the cycle that brought us from writing Adopting Erlang from the perspective of a new team that has read one of the many books out there about Erlang. Even earlier, he was a principal member of technical staff on the Heroku platform, worked in real-time bidding, and provided Erlang training. We aimed to guide them to applied practice in a development team. More on Fred Hebert: THE SPEAKER - TRISTAN SLOUGHTER Principal engineer at Space-Time insight Tristan is a long time Erlang programmer, having picked it up for fun while in college and then professionally for various companies, Orbitz Worldwide, eCDMarket, Heroku, SpaceTime Insight, and currently as a senior software engineer at Postmates, Inc. He is a platform developer at Postmates, with a focus on learning from incidents and poking at various things.

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